“But stories are important. They can help us begin to make sense of things we don’t yet understand… Stories can help us to escape things, or to face them. Sometimes to remember.”

As the world is poised for the dawn of a new age, Kaya Cade is finding change difficult, trapped with the bad habits and people she’d fallen into as a teenager. But sometimes the universe throws an asteroid our way, or in this case a bark-skinned hunter Kaya witnesses plucking the eyes from a victim and now seems determined to claim hers.

Another child lost, tween Tenley Tych wishes for her mother to change, but that possibility is snatched from her. Alone in the woods she finds a woman calling herself Titania who promises her the strength and power to enact revenge. But at what cost?

And outside of town stands a lighthouse, miles from any ocean. Strange, and lonely, and out of place, much like its keeper.

Soon all these threads will intertwine and the world as they knew it will end. But who knows; maybe, after the end, it will all be fine.

Many fairy tales begin with a child. Rejected, broken, orphaned, then found by a seemingly magic being that will grant them any wish. Many fairy tales, and this one is no exception. Dreams are made into reality, but with it all comes a price, terms, conditions. And dreams can become twisted into nightmares.

This is a fairy tale, but not all is as it seems.

Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery, Action, Adventure, and some Horror.

Themes: Found Family, Friendship, Change, Growing Up, Revenge, Lost Childhood/Innocence, How everyone’s parents screw them up in one way or another.



Shorts (Short stories mostly set after the main work-in-progress unless otherwise stated. So be aware of spoilers).

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