Many fairy tales begin with a child. Broken, orphaned, rejected, then found by a seemingly magic being that will grant them any wish. Many fairy tales, and this is no exception. Dreams become reality, but there is usually a price, terms, conditions. And dreams can be twisted into nightmares. This is a fairy tale, but not everything is as it seems.

Preview Chapters (Not necessarily the final drafts):

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Adventure. Elements of horror and quite a bit of action, plus a lot of inspiration and reference to fantasy, folklore, and mythology.

Themes: Family, Growing Up, Change, How everyones parents screw them up in one way or another, Friends, Bullies, Revenge, Found Family

Warnings: Violence and death. One character is seen abused by her mother in the beginning. Some mild swearing.

When punk thief Kaya Cade stumbles upon an eyeless corpse, she soon after learns that faeries are real and very zealous guardians of their privacy. And that is definitely ‘faerie’ and not a cute thing like a ‘fairy’. Seeking protection she reunites with a childhood friend, but one who Kaya had turned her own back on once before. Can past grievances be put aside to solve the mystery in the present?

Their search for answers will cross paths with a child seeking revenge, a powerful man determined to cover up his mistakes, and a Queen who sees it as the natural order that parents should die to make way for their successors.

Irongate is a story about friendships, family, growing up, hidden people zealously guarding their privacy, and about a world undergoing great change. Things that were once only dreamed about are suddenly becoming real, but twisted into nightmares by the irresponsible and reckless. Monsters hunt men, while in the shadows future Gods lie teething.

Check out the story with pictures coming to this site and Youtube.

Irongate is a sci-fi adventure mystery set in a contemporary-ish world – think X-Files/Doctor Who/Scooby Doo/Ghostbusters.



Shorts (Short stories mostly set after the main work-in-progress unless otherwise stated. So be aware of spoilers).

Writing History:

I in fact started writing this story back in 2014, although it was adapted with characters and ideas that had been nestling in my mind far longer. That year (2014) I hurriedly typed a 70,000 word story to self-publish on Kindle and other sites. On that occasion I did everything wrong; the story was rushed (most of it written in just weeks), themes and several characters not yet fully developed, and I cut a great deal out of my original story idea in order to keep to 70,000 words. Finally, like many self published novels, it wasn’t edited or properly proof-read. Essentially it was really just a first draft.

Yet, that story, world, and characters, continued to nag at me. And so I sporadically kept working on it, writing some shorts and considering how the world might develop. I worked out the themes, reinforced them, and have kept developing the characters to bring them sharper into focus, and ensure they all have a proper role in the story. Also I made big changes to the plot (although in some cases it’s returning to what I had originally intended before cutting and simplifying certain things).

I also changed the title a few times. First it was Jenn Air, after one of the main characters – originally my idea was for a series of detective-type stories, and while there’s still a bit of that Jenn isn’t the only main character (in fact she doesn’t appear until a few chapters in). Then I changed it to Pharos One: Project ELF – this was only intended to be a working title. Pharos One is a file kept on Jenn, who lives in a lighthouse, and her associates. Finally I decided to just name it after the fictional town it had been set in all along – Irongate.


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