Kaya Cade

Kaya Cade

Name: Kaya Cade

Nicknames/Aliases: Killer Aqua Bunny, Rebel Without a Pause

Physical Description: 21 years old, 5ft 7inches, hazel irises. Her hair is naturally brown, but she usually dyes it (currently red).

Personality: Impulsive, Snarky, Bold. Less mindlessly aggressive than some of her fellow Aqua Bunnies, but won’t back down from a brawl. Has lately grown unhappy about the way her life is going and to regret her life choices.

Skills/Abilities: Thieving, lockpicking, guitar, and quite mean with a baseball bat.


Chance: “You know why I don’t like kids?”

Kaya: “Er – you think they’ve evolved and have mutant powers?”

Kaya: “You look like an angel, but you’re actually Doctor Doom in disguise.”

Kaya: “I’m probably the last person you should listen to for advice, but – it’s okay to be angry. You’ve just got to make sure you’re angry at the right people at the right time.”


Kaya’s mother was a very sweet, religious woman. Her father was a boxer who sometimes collected debts for the underworld, while at home being an abusive bully – he and Kaya never got along. And although she was close to her mother, grew to resent her too for defending her dad’s bad behavior. Early on, Kaya found her escape to be in music.

At school Kaya defended and befriended a strange girl named Jennifer and for several years the two were inseparable, Kaya swept along by Jenn’s imagination, curiosity, experiments, which Kaya often assisted with. To the chagrin of their parents, the two would often ride off together – staying up well past the time they’d been told to return – in order to explore and search for mythic beings Jenn had read about; Bigfoot, Ghosts, Aliens, Faeries.

However, on entering their teens the two began to drift apart. Jenn became more withdrawn after losing her parents, while Kaya was lured by a girl called Angela Greif into joining her gang. Angela would encourage the worst parts of Kaya’s nature – her impulsiveness and aggression – and also did not like Jennifer, the two coming to blows several times. Angela always won these fights and Kaya – keen to be part of a group – never helped.

On leaving school, Kaya left home as well, also keen to get away from her dad. Angela’s father – Stan Greif – was well known to be a local crime boss. To Angela’s chagrin he was quite fond of Kaya and offered her work, first as a pickpocket then as a burglar and thief. In the meantime Kaya and her few remaining friends formed a punk band – The Killer Aqua Bunnies. They put an ad out for a drummer, which was how Kaya met Sayuri – ultimately, the only other band member she actually likes.

It was only on entering her twenties that Kaya began to reflect that she just wasn’t happy with her life. With one exception she didn’t like any of the people she hung out with, and was perhaps in danger of becoming too much like her father. So she tried to change, taking on a string of legitimate jobs, none of which she has lasted in for very long. She began to fear that some sort of determinism was at play and she was just destined to a life of hurting others.

But then the universe threw a curveball her way…

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