Kaya Cade

Kaya Cade

Name: Kaya Cade

Roles: Punk, Thief, Killer Aqua Bunny, Leader of the Revolution

Age: 21

Likes: Music – although Kaya plays guitar in a punk-rock band, her tastes are actually pretty eclectic. Messing with people, all kinds of pop-culture (movies, comics, video games), winding everyone up, her little car, dying her hair, being annoying.

Dislikes: Surprisingly little – despite seeming aggressive, Kaya has in fact a pretty laid-back attitude to most things in life. But if forced to choose she would have to say her dad, corporate greed, and her own propensity to mess things up for herself.

Kaya’s father was a fighter and also debt-collector for a loan shark, while her mother was a good Catholic woman. This proved to not be a great combination for a girl growing up as her father became increasingly abusive over the years, and although Kaya stayed close to her mother she would grow to resent her for never standing up for either of them.

At school young Kaya always acted up by playing pranks and jokes on people, including the teachers, and never took any work seriously. Except, that is, for her music – when she played she found herself drifting away from her worries on waves of sound, and for most others this was the only time being around her was bearable. As a child she had one close friend – Jennifer Airhart. As much as Kaya was boisterous, Jenn was quiet and thoughtful. When the later was bullied one day, Kaya intervened and before long the two did everything together, Kaya learning that behind her shyness Jenn had a brilliant imagination and for a time every day was an exciting adventure.

Then they became teenagers. At age thirteen both Jennifer’s parents disappeared (the exact circumstances were covered-up by Meridiem) and she became far sullener and more withdrawn. At around this time Kaya also became friends with Angela Greif who amused herself by encouraging the worst aspects of Kaya’s personality – her jokes became much crueler and far from standing up to bullies Kaya was now directed to do violence to anyone that displeased her new boss (which included Jennifer). Angela’s father, Stan, a known (if not proven) criminal also found Kaya had a talent for thieving so arranged for her to be trained, first as a pickpocket then a locksmith and in all manner of breaking and entering.

Soon as she could, Kaya left home and school to make her own way in the world. She formed a band – The Killer Aqua Bunnies – along with Angela, and were later joined by Sayuri Oshiro. Inevitably she had run-ins with the law and became well known to most of the police officers in town – although she’s only ever been caught for some petty theft and fighting. After a few years of this, a realization struck Kaya – she was on a path not unlike her old man’s. This prompted her to make an effort to change her ways, be nicer, get a day job.

So far however adjusting to a ‘normal’ life has proven very difficult as her compulsion to mess with, shock, and generally misdirect her anger gets in the way. Then one rainy night she was sleeping in her car when she noticed a man dead and the droplets falling on some otherwise invisible creature…


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