Tenley Tych

Tenley Tych

Name: Tenley Tych

Roles: Angry Tween

Age: 11 (claims to be almost 12)

Likes: Dinosaurs, Books, Martial Arts, Isea Little (her favorite one-eyed doll from when she was littler), Ice Cream

Dislikes: Adults, children, cooking shows, maths, double-barreled surnames, surnames, monarchy, musicals, democracy, pink, superheroes, fairy tales, orange, clerks, drivers, walkers, punks, Grant Gustin, joggers, Rock’n’Roll, and peanuts (at least she claims to dislike all these things).

Tenley grew up alone with her mother in a small house a few miles outside of Irongate. Since her mother was often drunk and unable, it fell on Tenley from a very young age to take care of them both and their home. When mother wasn’t drunk (or even when she was), she would force Tenley through gruelling physical exercises and martial arts training from as soon as the girl could stand upright. Tenley never knew much about her mother, Phaedra’s, past, and nothing at all about her father. She’s pieced together over the years that Phaedra was once some kind of soldier but was forced to leave that life behind – Tenley always suspected because of her. Tenley always found some respite in books, comic books, and other media. Despite her cold exterior and sardonic sense of humour, constantly having to gauge her mother’s ever shifting moods has made Tenley quite sensitive to other’s emotions.

One night a band of thugs invaded Tenley and Phaedra’s home. Her mother was killed, but Tenley managed to escape – but with one of the villains close behind. Unexpectedly she was rescued by a strange, glowing woman, the colour and pallor of her skin constantly shifting like sand. The woman called herself Titania, and promised Tenley great strength and power with which to go after the murderers. But at what cost?

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