Tenley Tych

Tenley Tych

NAME: Tenley Tych

AGE: 11/12

HEIGHT: 147cm / 4ft 10 inches

PERSONALITY: Dark, sardonic, and some times arrogant, she is nevertheless fiercely loyal and protective of her family. Likes ice cream and dinosaurs.

BIO: Tenley lived most of her life with just her mother – a violent woman who put Tenley through intense training from the moment she could walk. Phaedra also had a drinking habit, meaning that responsibilty for taking care of them both and their also fell on Tenley. Despite the abuse she received, Tenley remained loyal to her parent, dreaming that one day she would prove herself strong enough to earn if not love then at least Phaedra’s respect. In the brief moments when she wasn’t being made to train or do chores, Tenley sought escape in books and stories. After her mother’s murder, Tenley, with gifts given to her by Titania, devotes herself to one last chore for her – vengeange.

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