Tenley Tych

Tenley Tych

Name: Tenley Tych

Nicknames/Aliases: Tenley Bear, Titch, Tween Terror, The Storm

Physical Description: About 4ft 9inches (that’s about how tall she’s rendered at – average for a 12-year-old girl). Very dark brown (almost black) irises, black hair (usually styled in a bob).

Personality: Sardonic, Sharp, Snappy. On the surface, Tenley’s emotional range seems to only go from mildly annoyed to furious. But on occasion her childish whimsy and sense of wonder does come through, as well as empathy and kindness.

Skills/Abilities: Martial Arts; hand to hand and a variety of weapons. Tenley was very strong and athletic even before encountering Titania. After, she gains a range of additional powers including mega-strength and resilience, rapid healing (provided she has the energy for it), heightened senses (including the ability to see a broader spectrum and make out detail at a far greater distance), and can store up energy which she can use to create a shield around herself or others or zap enemies with lightning-like blasts.


Man: “Hello, little girl!”

Tenley: “Hello, average-size man.”

Tenley: “I’m trying to help you, you stupid tuxedo wearing crow!”

Tenley: “They never had a chance at living. You raised them to be monsters… this is no world for monsters.”


Tenley grew up alone with her mother, who went by the name of Phaedra. Tenley’s mother spoke to her very little about their past; who Tenley’s father was, what mother had done before raising her, where they’d come from – these things have remained a mystery to Tenley throughout her life.

Although Phaedra did bring Tenley toys and games and books to read on occasion, she seemed preoccupied by one thing – raising her daughter to be a fighter. Preparing her for some storm Phaedra seemed certain was coming, although again she never elaborated. When Phaedra wasn’t putting Tenley through harsh training, she was often drunk. It fell to Tenley, once she was old enough, to look after them both by preparing meals and doing all the chores around the home, all while be mindful of her mother’s shifting moods.

Despite how badly she was treated, as the only mother and adult she knew Tenley remained attached to her mother, holding out hope that one day she will prove herself and things would get better. In the meantime, when she had time she escaped into her games and books. She was fascinated by Fantasy and Dragons, Dinosaurs and Prehistoric life, and had a favorite one-eyed doll she liked to play with – Isea Little.

But Tenley’s hopes of improving her relationship with her mother and one day being a ‘normal’ family were dashed when a gang came to their home. Despite putting up a hell of a fight, Phaedra was stabbed and killed. They were prepared to kill Tenley as well, but then the forest came alive and saved her…

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