The Dibbles

The Dibbles


Name(s): The Dibbles – Sergeants Francis Daramy (in the hat), and Chauncey ‘Chance’ Delainy

Roles: Dibbles.

Age(s): Mid-thirties

Likes: Chance likes sci-fi and comics and collects action-figures. Francis likes telling stories, especially about his family (which must be huge, but since they all live away from Irongate no-one else knows them and sometimes question if they really exist).

Dislikes: Crime. Beyond that, Francis seems very laid back on the surface. Chance gets irked if people mistakenly refer to his collectibles as toys and isn’t fond of children (they often break his toys).

Francis Daramy came to Irongate as a young man to study – all the way from Sierra Leone. After several years in the country he decided to stay, joining the police force in order to be of service to the community. West Africans have a tradition of story-telling which Francis tries to keep up, although he doesn’t seem to be very good at it – his stories tend to ramble and not end with any sort of point. Because of this, his life before coming to Irongate is largely a mystery to most people as they have trouble separating the fact from the fiction.

Chance wanted to be an air force pilot and astronaut when he was younger, but as a loner who was always encouraged to be realistic he ended not pursuing and joined the police force instead. Although naturally guarded about it, it is known that an incident earlier in his career led to time in therapy before he transferred to Irongate – presumably it was felt that a town built around a university and tech-industries would be a relatively trouble free environment to work in. Of course that has proven very wrong.

Both dibbles are compassionate in their own ways and don’t abuse their authority. In fact they may be too lenient in some cases, such as Kaya Cade – a known trouble maker since she was kid. Chance and Daramy have arrested her many times for petty theft and fighting, but always let her go with a warning and perhaps some encouragement to get her life on track.

When there’s an increase in people disappearing around Irongate, some killings, then Kaya’s car is found wrecked in a field, they are naturally very concerned…


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