Jennifer Airhart

Jennifer Airhart


Name: Jennifer Willow Airhart

Roles: Tech-Witch, Lighthouse Keeper, mystery moth (she’s drawn to them – mysteries that is).

Age: 21

Likes: Science, nature, books, robots, mysteries

Dislikes: Bullies, groups of more than a few people, her own middle name, answering the phone

Jenn’s father, Jonathan, was a scientist working for Stag Corp. Her mother, Ada, was an archaeologist who lectured at Irongate’s university. From an early age, Jennifer was encouraged to ask questions and to explore and find answers. This was something her parents must have regretted, at least on occasion, as their child would often go on ‘adventures’ (usually with her friend Kaya) that took her several miles from their home and out way after dark. Despite warnings her curious nature was irrepressible. She also displayed a talent for making things; computers, robots, mechanical wings, death-lasers.

But while she was happy at home, school was difficult for Jennifer. Other children regarded her as weird and she made few friends there. In fact there was only one girl she was ever close to – Kaya Cade, who shielded her from bullies. At least she did when they were children.

Things changed quite drastically for Jennifer when she reached her teens. Her parents were recruited for an expedition by Meridiem – from reach they never returned. To this day she has never learned what happened from the organization despite numerous attempts to infiltrate their systems. Every day she waited for mom and dad to come home, but every day the front door remained closed, the books in the study unread. It’s only recently she’s accepted that they’ll likely never return.

As this continued Jennifer became increasingly withdrawn from the world. She grew distant from her only friend who fell in with a gang – on several occasions Jennifer was a victim of their bullying. During this time she stayed with her uncle who fancied himself very open-minded – he sought the advice of mediums and psychics to learn the truth about her parents. Although she went along at first, Jennifer soon grew agitated as these people, although some were no doubt well-meaning, provided nothing but false leads and sometimes completely outrageous claims (they’ve been kidnapped by Icelandic slave-traders…!)

A few years ago when her uncle moved away, Jennifer remained in Irongate, staying in an old lighthouse on a hill far from the sea – she liked it for how strange, lonely, and out of place it was. Although she didn’t continue her formal education she now spends most of her days reading, studying, building and performing experiments – loud banging, explosions, and other strange noises are often heard around her home, leading some in town to believe a witch has taken up residence in the tower. Seeming to have given up her dream of being an explorer and adventurer, Jennifer supports herself and her experiments financially by licensing programs and inventions to various companies around the globe and living from the royalties. The only human being who regularly visits her is Doctor Jana Sarkis, a former colleague of her father.

That is until one day a very old friend stumbles into the lighthouse asking for help, and as part of her plea reminds Jennifer of the curious, adventurous child she had once been…


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