Jennifer Airhart

Jennifer Airhart

NAME: Jennifer Airhart

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 162cm / 5ft 4 inches

PERSONALITY: Simultaneously very smart and very dumb. As a scientist, engineer, and even a detective she’s brilliant. However she often becomes anxious in the company of people she’s not already familiar with. She is nevertheless very driven by curiosity and a strong sense of morality.

BIO: Despite having few friends growing up, Jennifer was very happy. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her interests and she was very close to Kaya. But life became hard for her in her teens, especially after her parents disappeared on a Meridiem-sponsored expedition. She became increasingly withdrawn, and after drifting apart from Kaya hasn’t been able to connect with anyone else. She now lives alone in a lighthouse where she spends her days tinkering with various machines and computers.

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