Name: Titania

Roles: Queen of the Forest

Age: Unknown

Likes: Children, flowers, animals.

Dislikes: Disobedient children, flowers, animals.

Little is known about her, but she’s been dwelling in the forest for some time, along with her ‘children’ – humans who have been altered after being infected with her cells. She calls them Changelings – not fully human, but not fully whatever she is either.

Despite her tall, slender form, Titania possesses incredible strength and it seems cannot be harmed by conventional weapons. Even if she were, her rapid healing means she can recover from wounds that would certainly be fatal to a human. She also is able to store energy in her body, unleashing it the form of energy blasts, or pyro or telekinesis. Finally any organism can be changed by her, causing mutation and usually giving her a measure of control over them – the exact form the mutations take can be unpredictable although it seems the younger the organism the greater the chance for success. Only a few Changelings are allowed to keep their own will and memory; either for Titania’s amusement, or perhaps she has a need for companionship?

Regardless, her pleasant, carefree attitude usually conceals murderous intent.


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