Oshiro Sayuri

Oshiro Sayuri

Name: Sayuri Oshiro

Nicknames/Aliases: Killer Aqua Bunny

Physical Description: 21 years old, 5ft 5inches, brown irises, black hair.

Personality: Very kind and very nice. Also, very stressed, which she tries to deal with in a number of ways; crystals, meditation, horoscopes, drumming, stress balls.

Skills/Abilities: Drumming, negotiating.


Sayuri: “It’s not really zen, but I think someone’s going to have to kick her ass.”

Sayuri: “I am an oasis of calm in a desert of despair.”

Voice: “Release me.”

Sayuri: “Who are you? What do you want?”

Voice: “Before this world began there was only void. For eons my kind drifted until some were drawn into the gravity wells of new systems as they formed from primordial dust. I seek only to return to the void.”


Ren and Rei both left Japan to see the rest of the world, and in the end they found each other. In time they came to settle in Irongate to open a shop and raise their two children – Hiroki and Sayuri.

The children became involved in the family business – a general store and pawnbrokers – early on, helping to fill shelves and work the tills. Hiroki as the elder sibling often teased and bullied his younger sister. One day a man came into the store offering to sell a number of unique and interesting artefacts, including some kind of antique puzzle box – Ren couldn’t identify the items and believed them to be some kind of art project or perhaps movie props. Nevertheless he paid a modest fee for them and gave the puzzle box as a gift to Sayuri.

Mere days later Hiroki was again teasing his sister, chasing her around with a snake – which was not real, but nevertheless in her haste to escape Sayuri tumbled down a flight of stairs. Terrified that he might have killed her, Hiroki ran to check she was okay. What happened next changed their relationship forever, although Sayuri has no memory of it. Whatever it was, from that day on her brother avoided her as much as he could, saying that she was a demon. When he was sixteen, he ran away.

Sayuri had proven to have some aptitude for valuation and negotiation, more so than her parents did. Although her parents have always been supportive of her – not even caring when she came out to them – in her brother’s absence Sayuri took on all the responsibility of looking after them and the business. She couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible for her brother running away, even though she’s not sure how exactly.

Putting other’s needs and wants ahead of her own however does take a toll, with Sayuri learning several techniques to combat her stress, from yoga to simply reading her horoscope each day to assure herself. She took up drumming as a type of therapy as well and – perhaps wanting a chance to be wild before inevitably inheriting everything – she responded to an ad for a punk band calling themselves The Killer Aqua Bunnies. It was there she met Kaya Cade, not knowing that through her she was going to meet a whole lot of other strange people and become embroiled in mysterious happenings…

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