Oshiro Sayuri

Oshiro Sayuri

NAME: Sayuri Oshiro

AGE: 22

HEIGHT: 166cm / 5ft 5 inches

PERSONALITY: Friendly and supportive, but is constantly coping with her own stress so she doesn’t stab people through the eye with a pen.

BIO: Her family own a general store; just her parents, Ren and Rei, and her brother Hiroki until he ran away to become an eco-warrior. He claims to have once spoke to a demon resting inside her; dormant now, perhaps, but if Sayuri doesn’t manage her stress it could take her over. Her memory is just that she punched him once because he was being annoying.

She was afraid of coming out to her parents, imagining they would be shocked and disappointed by her. But in fact they were fine; they said they already suspected because she drives like a lesbian. No – she has no idea what that means either.

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