Oshiro Sayuri

Oshiro Sayuri


Name: Oshiro Sayuri

Roles: Trader, Drummer, Cleric, Nice gal (she claims to have a dark side, though few have ever seen it. Once she was left alone with a Russian Hitman who was then committed to an insane asylum because he couldn’t stop screaming – so there might be something to her claim).

Age: 21

Likes: Yoga, crystals, herbs, astrology, stress balls – she grinds a surprising amount.

Dislikes: Angela Greif, stress, and she doesn’t want to say anything else because she knows Kaya would just wind her up with it.

Sayuri’s parents, Ren and Rei, both left Japan separately to travel the world and eventually found each other. They settled in Irongate, opened a General Store, and began raising a family.

Sayuri is in fact the second child – her elder brother, Hiroki, would be the source of a great deal of stress for the rest of the family. He seemed to just have been born with a bad tempered and rebellious nature – if there was another cause for his bad behaviour, he refused to speak of it, and eventually he left home to become an eco-warrior/terrorist. It fell to Sayuri to, for the sake her parents, always play the good child and assist in running the family business.

For a long time she didn’t tell her parents she was attracted to women, as she was afraid they’d be expecting her to provide grandchildren and be devastated. Although when it did come out they actually didn’t care – they claimed to already know because of the way she drives, whatever that meant. In any case it all seemed fine.

Regardless, anxiety and stress does still seem to be an issue for her, but she’s picked up a number of techniques over the years to help her manage it. From reading her horoscope every day, to crystals, candles, and finally letting it out by drumming. It was that which prompted her to respond to an ad for a band – The Killer Aqua Bunnies. Although the singer, Angela Greif, is just a quite nasty bully, Sayuri has formed a friendship with guitar player Kaya Cade who she sees does want to be better but perhaps just needs encouragement to stand up to the others and take control.

One day she bumps into Kaya in town, on edge and terrified apparently because of an encounter with something she believed to be supernatural. Sayuri tried to help by taking Kaya to see a witch…


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