Lilian & Ella

Lilian & Ella


NAMES: Lilian (Red Hair) and Ella

AGE: 17/18

HEIGHT: 158cm / 5ft 2 inches (Lilian is in fact slightly taller – maybe 5’3”)

PERSONALITY: Ella is clearly the brasher of the two, relishing her power and ability to do harm to almost anyone she chooses. Lilian seems quiet and timid in comparison – lacking so strong a personality of her own she latches on to Ella and does what she’s told. Both however are fanatically loyal to Titania.

BIO: Both girls were orphans, raised by the nuns at Saint Clarions where they were treated harshly. After running away they encountered Titania who experimented on them and granted them their gifts, becoming her first Changelings. Ella later returned to the orphanage to burn it to the ground, killing the nuns and the other children. It is possible that Ella wasn’t always destined to be a sociopath – it is very rare that anyone changed by Titania doesn’t suffer at least some neurological damage even if they don’t physically mutate.

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