Lilian & Ella


Name(s): Lilian & Ella

Roles: Henchwomen

Age(s): Unknown

Likes: Titania – both are fanatically loyal to their ‘Queen’.

Dislikes: Anything that dares threaten their Queen, or that she just expresses displeasure with. Ella also really doesn’t like Tenley much – she might be afraid the new girl will take her position as ‘favorite’.

These two are usually seen close to Titania. All that’s known about their pasts is that they were orphans who one day decided to run away from their foster home together. Finding themselves alone, cold, and hungry, they were found by Titania who turned them into Changelings.

Like other Changelings they possess superhuman strength and reflexes. Unlike most other Changelings they have kept a semblance of their own will. Lilian is usually quiet, dutiful, spending her days tending the forest and weaving. Ella on the other hand is far more aggressive, sadistic, and in love with her power.


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