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Name(s): Lilian & Ella

Roles: Henchwomen

Age(s): Unknown

Likes: Titania – both are fanatically loyal to their ‘Queen’.

Dislikes: Anything that dares threaten their Queen, or that she just expresses displeasure with. Ella also really doesn’t like Tenley much – she might be afraid the new girl will take her position as ‘favorite’.

These two are usually seen close to Titania. All that’s known about their pasts is that they were orphans who one day decided to run away from their foster home together. Finding themselves alone, cold, and hungry, they were found by Titania who turned them into Changelings.

Like other Changelings they possess superhuman strength and reflexes. Unlike most other Changelings they have kept a semblance of their own will. Lilian is usually quiet, dutiful, spending her days tending the forest and weaving. Ella on the other hand is far more aggressive, sadistic, and in love with her power.


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Name: Titania

Roles: Queen of the Forest

Age: Unknown

Likes: Children, flowers, animals.

Dislikes: Disobedient children, flowers, animals.

Little is known about her, but she’s been dwelling in the forest for some time, along with her ‘children’ – humans who have been altered after been infected with her cells. She calls them Changelings – not fully human, but not fully whatever she is either.

Despite her tall, slender form, Titania possesses incredible strength and it seems cannot be harmed by conventional weapons. Even if she were, her rapid healing means she can recover from wounds that would certainly be fatal to a human. She also is able to store energy in her body, unleashing it the form of energy blasts, or pyro or telekinesis. Finally any organism can be changed by her, causing mutation and usually giving her a measure of control over them. Only a few Changelings are allowed to keep their own will and memory; either for Titania’s amusement, or perhaps she has a need for companionship?

Titania can also alter her bioluminescence and all of her pigmentation at will.


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Many fairy tales begin with a child. Broken, orphaned, rejected, then found by a seemingly magic being that will grant them any wish. Many fairy tales, and this is no exception. Dreams become reality, but there is usually a price, terms, conditions. And dreams can be twisted into nightmares. This is a fairy tale, but not everything is as it seems.

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Name: Tenley Tych

Roles: Angry Tween

Age: 11 (claims to be almost 12)

Likes: Dinosaurs, Books, Martial Arts, Isea Little (her favorite one-eyed doll from when she was littler), Ice Cream

Dislikes: Adults, children, cooking shows, maths, double-barreled surnames, surnames, monarchy, musicals, democracy, pink, superheroes, fairy tales, orange, clerks, drivers, walkers, punks, Grant Gustin, joggers, Rock’n’Roll, and peanuts (at least she claims to dislike all these things).

Tenley grew up alone with her mother in a small house a few miles outside of Irongate. Since her mother was often drunk and unable, it fell on Tenley from a very young age to take care of them both and their home. When mother wasn’t drunk (or even when she was), she would force Tenley through grueling physical exercises and martial arts training from as soon as the girl could stand upright. Tenley never much about her mother, Phaedras, past, and nothing at all about her father. She’s pieced together over the years that Phaedra was once some kind of soldier but was forced to leave that life behind – Tenley always suspected because of her. Tenley always found some respite in books, comic books, and other media. Despite her cold exterior and sardonic sense of humor constantly having to gauge her mother’s ever shifting moods has made Tenley quite sensitive to other’s emotions.

One night a band of thugs invaded Tenley and Phaedra’s home. Tenley manages to escape, but with one of the villains close behind. She is then rescued by a strange, glowing woman calling herself Titania, who promises Tenley great strength and power in exchange for becoming her sword…

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Name: Pythia

Roles: Oracle, Narrator

Age: ?

Likes: N/A

Dislikes: N/A

Pythia is an artificial intelligence created by Meridiem. Originally her purpose was to be fed data on history, meteorology, politics, and use it to construct models to predict rises and falls in share prices. However, her designers have gone on adding to and upgrading her since – now, no one really knows the limit of her capabilities.

Her vast databanks and processors were built in a secret location (rumored to be hidden deep inside a mountain), to ensure their security. The Pythia most see is merely an interface – a hologram that usually takes the form of a woman in Grecian style dress.

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I’ve begun working on a motion comic/visual novel of my original fiction, Irongate – a sci-fi/fantasy/mystery you can learn a little more about here.

This is just the first couple of minutes. More will come soon. Of course I am still writing it as an actual novel as well, putting the finishing touches on each chapter as I upload these next year.

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