Doctor Jana Sarkis

Doctor Jana Sarkis

Name: Jana Sarkis

Roles: Doctor, Geneticist, Adventurer, All-Round Superwoman

Age: 35

Likes: Tea, books, biology, coffee, exercise, cocoa (just anything with caffeine really).

Dislikes: Anything that results in people being poor or hungry, or the exploitation of said people. People rubbing bare feet on carpet also causes her to cringe for reasons that are not clear – she just doesn’t like it, okay?

Jana Sarkis was born in London, England, the only child of a diplomat. As a student she was always exceptionally bright, as well as performing well at several sports, while at home she was raised to be always well-mannered and formal. It seemed she had all the makings of a leader.

But politics and athletics were of little interest to Jana and she chose to focus on biology and eventually genetics, taking breaks from her studies in order to travel the world. She had many adventures taking part in expeditions, volunteering in national parks and as a teaching assistant in Africa, had run-ins with some very unsavory individuals, and perhaps a few romantic partners (some of which she would later regret).

She would eventually settle in Irongate after being offered a job by Stag Corp. Jonathan Airhart, then in charge of the ELF (Engineered Life Form) project, told her of the potential benefits to all the poor and hungry Jana had encountered in her travels. Imagine crops that could grow in even the most hostile environment, new organisms to fight disease, pollution, forests that powered cities, homes grown out of the ground – the only limits were their imaginations. And all at virtually no cost. Of course, it would take time; years or perhaps decades before they fully worked out all the code. Jana was convinced that this was how she could contribute best to creating a fairer, more just world.

Jana was still only a junior researcher at Stag Corp at the time Jonathan and Ada disappeared, and not privy to all the information shared by the higher-ups. Nevertheless, she continued the work, eventually becoming head of the project. She also formed a friendship with her former boss’ daughter, Jennifer, who took the loss of her parents hard becoming increasingly withdrawn and isolated. Jana has continued to regularly visit Jennifer to this day, doing what she can to comfort and encourage her and keep an eye on her well-being. Jennifer particularly enjoys hearing tales of Jana’s travels and adventures (although still only ever refers to her as ‘Doctor Sarkis’).

Most recently, Jana has been assisting with the design of new purification towers that contain synthetic organisms made to feed on gases and pollution converting it into harmless by-products. She is shocked when Jennifer – someone she knows rarely leaves her lighthouse – and some other young women break into her lab…


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