John Coutelier grew up in a town that was, as he was growing up, twice voted the most boring in Europe. Little wonder then that he sought entertainment in his own head, constructing elaborate worlds and characters within his mind.

As an adult he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which surprised no one he knew, but may also explain his need to escape reality sometimes. However those worlds he creates, those characters who have grown up in his mind, he wishes now to share with everyone in this world as well.

In this world, he has always been fascinated by science, myth, and the paranormal. At college he has studied a variety of subjects, including Physics, Ancient History, Psychology and Philosophy. Creatively he’s also inspired by a number of sources, from HG Wells to the Fallout video games, Jane Austen to Star Trek.

Feel free to contact with any questions, and hopefully just in general.