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Tenley vs Thug by Coutelier

Tenley Tych from Jen Air, just beating up a random thug.

Tenley is just eleven years old at this point, but Titania’s cells inside her have caused many changes to her body.  Her bones are tougher,

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Tenley by Coutelier

New portrait of character from Jen Air, eleven/twelve year old changeling Tenley Tych.

Name:- Tenley Tych

Height:- 4 feet 10 inches (at age 12)

Favourite Author:- Sun Zu

Favourite Pet:- Animals are stupid.

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Jenny Airhart by Coutelier

Another portrait of Jennifer Airhart, sitting at home with her pets.  Here’s a slightly updated version of her bio:

Name:- Jennifer Willow Airhart

Height:- 5 feet 4 inches

Favourite Author:- Carl Sagan

Favourite Pet:- NAO

Biography:- Jen has always been a bit shy and a daydreamer,

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Four Muses by Coutelier

From left to right:

Sayuri Oshiro – Killer Aqua Bunnies drummer and entrepreneur.
Jennifer Airhart – SCIENCE fairy and tech wizard.
Kaya Cade – Guitarist and part time thief and tough chick.
Tenley Tych –

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The Magpie by Coutelier

Young Tenley does have some anger issues due to her upbringing and her mother’s murder, and a tendency to test other grown ups.  That and she killed some people.. despite all this though, she’s not a psychopath nor even completely detached from her actions.  

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Kaya Cade by Coutelier

Kaya Cade from Jen Air, now with a jacket and playing guitar… badly.  Frankly, trying to position the thing in her hands just got annoying, but in the week when I get more memory for my PC maybe I’ll do it again with some of the other members of the band,

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Tenley Bear by Coutelier

Young Tenley Tych from Jen Air.

before she met the Queen, Ten would have still been very dangerous due
to the training she received from her militant mother.  Now thanks to
Titania’s transformation she has the speed of a Cheetah,

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Kicking Above Her Weight by Coutelier

I wanted to quickly try an action pose, and Tenley
is the really the most athletic and most violent heroine in the story.
But you what, it’s true – she really is just cute when she’s in a
murderous rage.

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Jen Air – Characters On a Hill, Staring by Coutelier

I don’t know what the hell they’re looking at, I just wanted to have a
picture of these characters standing together.  From left to right:
Tenley Tych, Jennifer Airhart, and Kaya Cade.  

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My name is Jen.  Jennifer Willow Airhart.  The friend I had when I was even more little than I am now called me Jen Air.

I live in a lighthouse on top of a hill. 

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