My name is Jen.  Jennifer Willow Airhart.  The friend I had when I was even more little than I am now called me Jen Air.

I live in a lighthouse on top of a hill.  The story of why there is a lighthouse on top of a hill located miles inland is a long one that I feel would be too much of a diversion right now.  It belongs to my aunt and uncle, who took care of me after my parents left.

Because of them, I don’t really have to worry about money very much, so I’m free to stay at home and pursue my own interests.  I designed and built my own computer to meet my personal needs.  I tried to make him a body once, but then he made a hole in the wall and scared off some of the mice, which didn’t make the owl or the bats very happy, so I had to turn him off.  I’m still working on it.  I also have my own observatory, and grow things in my cave.  Not those sorts of things… I mean experiments.

But the doctor who visits me sometimes says I’d be happier if I was more social.  I wasn’t aware I was unhappy, but she insists I must be since I’m alone all the time, apart from the owl, mice and bats.  So I suppose I just hadn’t noticed since I’m always busy.  Apparently, it is normal for a young woman to want to meet people and have relationships.  I did point out that I wasn’t normal, and that I have been to town and met people before and didn’t really like it very much.  She said I just had to meet the right people who shared my interests.  I asked where I could meet people who were interested in low-temperature quasi-zero-dimensional mesoscopic electron systems… and then she didn’t say anything.

But I agreed to try being more social.  So this is me trying.

Hello, Jen!

Well, Jen is actually a character of mine from a story I’m developing.  I created her avatar here.  She’ll occasionally post things that are relevant to what’s happening in the story, mostly relevant anyway, and occasionally get in discussions with other characters whose blogs will appear as well.

The story is for now only being posted in a private blog that you need a password from me to access, although I posted a prologue for it a few days ago (it’s all that’s up right now away, but I’ll keep you informed).

So, anyway, this is Jen.

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