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Joseph Wright of Derby’s moonlight landscapes (1734-1797)

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My characters Jennifer Airhart and Tenley Tych rendered in DazStudio. Jennifer just relaxing at home with all her best friends, and Tenley hanging out on top of a wall or building as she does.

I tried to create some other characters too but so far they’ve all come out terribly.

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How to tell if a film is art

People often wonder about this, but really the answer is very simple:

It’s when it has a lot of nudity and sex and is set in the past.  Easy.

Some might say that’s just porn for people who imagine themselves too good for that sort of thing,

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Artist rendition of Proxima B, in orbit around Proxima Centauri js

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It’s a Deinonychus!

Tenley loudly insists as she punches out a Velociraptor.  In fact not only does it not have feathers, but I couldn’t find any Velociraptor/Deinonychus figures for this quick render, so that part is being played by a model labelled as Utahraptor.

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Previous expedition?  Or is the note on the ground written in the astronaut’s own hand…

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Sayuri Oshiro by Coutelier

Sayuri Oshiro, Killer Aqua Bunnies drummer and character from Jen Air.

Name:- Sayuri Oshiro

Height:- 5 feet 5 inches

Favourite Author:- J.K Rowling

Favourite Pet:- Drumkit.

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Tenley by Coutelier

New portrait of character from Jen Air, eleven/twelve year old changeling Tenley Tych.

Name:- Tenley Tych

Height:- 4 feet 10 inches (at age 12)

Favourite Author:- Sun Zu

Favourite Pet:- Animals are stupid.

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Kaya Cade NEW by Coutelier

New revised portrait of Kaya Cade, sporting a new hairstyle.  Here’s a new Bio as well:

Name:- Kaya Cade

Height:- 5 feet 6 inches

Favourite Author:- Dunno…

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