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Feeling like it was a good idea to have some visual references for my characters, I turned to Poser and DazStudio.  These I feel are the best likenesses I’ve come up with so far – Jennifer, Sayuri and Tenley.  Kaya I’ve not been able to get right at all –

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Tenley by Coutelier

New portrait of character from Jen Air, eleven/twelve year old changeling Tenley Tych.

Name:- Tenley Tych

Height:- 4 feet 10 inches (at age 12)

Favourite Author:- Sun Zu

Favourite Pet:- Animals are stupid.

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Kaya Cade NEW by Coutelier

New revised portrait of Kaya Cade, sporting a new hairstyle.  Here’s a new Bio as well:

Name:- Kaya Cade

Height:- 5 feet 6 inches

Favourite Author:- Dunno…

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The Lighthouse Family by Coutelier

Jennifer Airhart invited Kaya Cade and Tenley Tych to stay at her lighthouse, a lovely little haven from the nasty world outside.  Although here, the three of them are lost in the depths of a corporate facility.  Not to worry though –

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Kaya Cade by Coutelier

New profile picture of Kaya Cade as I’m changing over to using Daz Studio for renders.

Name:- Kaya Cade (or just Kay or Kaya or Cade).

Height:- 5ft 6inches

Favourite Colour:- Purple

Favourite Author:- Er… who wrote the thing about some boys getting lost on an island and they start a tribe and devolve into savages?  

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Jennifer Airhart by Coutelier

New profile picture of Jenny Airhart.  I’d been a bit out of practice using Poser, which I only had a 32-bit version of anyway, so whenever I tried to use two or more Genesis 2 characters in a scene or use more complex lighting it would crash.  

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