Jennifer Airhart by Coutelier

New profile picture of Jenny Airhart.  I’d been a bit out of practice using Poser, which I only had a 32-bit version of anyway, so whenever I tried to use two or more Genesis 2 characters in a scene or use more complex lighting it would crash.  It crashes when trying to load some props as well.  Basically I’ve been having a lot of problems with Poser, so this is actually the first render I’ve done exclusively in Daz Studio.

Name:- Jennifer Willow Airhart (She doesn’t like her middle name.  Usually she is just referred to as Jen, or Jenny, or sometimes Jen Air, or Airhead).

Height:- 5ft 4inches

Favourite Colour:- Sky Blue

Favourite Author:- Carl Sagan

Favourite TV Show:- Doesn’t really watch a lot.

Favourite Pet:- NAO

Biography:-  Jen’s mother was an archaeologist and lecturer at Irongate University as she was growing up.  Her father was a polymath, but his main work was as a geneticist for Stag Corp.

Always a little introverted and daydreamy, Jen had few very close friends growing up.  As a child, there was only other girl she played with regularly – Kaya Cade.

But at age twelve, both of Jen’s parents were asked by Stag Corp’s parent company to go on an expedition to Antarctica.  Jen never has been able to learn very many of details, but something went wrong and the expedition went missing and was never found.  Jen was taken in by her Uncle, for a short time.  Always busy with his work as a TV producer, he was never around very much, and so mostly she was taken care of by her father’s old assistant, Doctor Jana Sarkis.

Meanwhile, at school Jen became even more withdrawn, and her best friend had fallen in with a gang of other girls to whom Jen became the subject of a lot of bullying.  And so Jen and Kaya’s friendship ended, leaving Jen on her own.

Her uncle bought a lighthouse, in truth an old monument built at the same time as the university, and gave it to Jen to live in.  With the money left by her parents she trades online, and currently she spends almost all her time at the lighthouse conducting a variety of experiments.

Although very intelligent, Jen is nervous and shy around people and struggles to understand them, but in matters of science and technology she can usually speak quite confidently. She isn’t physically very strong, and has almost no actual combat skills.  Despite this, she can be very protective and brave and will almost always try to defend herself or people around her if threatened.


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