Feeling like it was a good idea to have some visual references for my characters, I turned to Poser and DazStudio.  These I feel are the best likenesses I’ve come up with so far – Jennifer, Sayuri and Tenley.  Kaya I’ve not been able to get right at all – the clothes, textures and hair have so far all kept coming out wrong.  I haven’t really tried any others, like Doctor Sarkis or any of the guys or the villains.

Some technical stuff:

Trouble is, I was using Genesis 2 Females and DazStudio, and I really haven’t much experience with either, and not a lot of stuff for them (I told you this was technical).  I’ve considered upgrading to Gen 3 and a bunch of new clothes and textures, but it’s a significant financial investment.  I feel like I might be better off just commisioning artists from DeviantArt or whatnot.

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