Star Trek – The Next Generation: 2×06 – The Schizoid Man

Memory Alpha

Data-Grave’s eulogy in this
episode is one of the things I’ve always remembered from this show since I was

“I can safely say, that to
know him, was to love him. And to love him, was to know him… Those who knew
him, loved him, while those who did not know him, loved him from afar.”

I don’t know if playing an
emotionless character for so long just left Brent Spiner chomping at the bit to
flex his acting muscles, but whenever given a chance to show emotion in this
show he always hams it up brilliantly.

Anyway, another
episode I did enjoy overall, for Brent Spiner’s performance, and also the idea of transferring consciousness
into a machine is an intriguing one.  Unfortunately,
in this case, Dr Graves transfer effectively involved killing Data, who we all love
even when he doesn’t show emotion, so I’m glad he saw sense in the end and got

But, let us just take a moment to
appreciate the real star of this episode – Data’s beard:

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