Why Don’t People in the DCU Realize that Clark Kent is Superman? I’ll Tell You Why!



  • As Clark, he deliberately acts like a doofy klutz, slouches, changes his speech patterns, and wears baggy clothes
  • Superman vibrates ever so slightly to mess with photos
  • The bright colors and S Shield on his costume (plus the tights) draw the eye away from Superman’s face
  • Clark’s thick glasses blur his eyes
  • People only know that Superman is an alien named Kal-El that lives in the Fortress of Solitude.  They don’t know he has a secret identity, so they’re not actively looking for it
  • Real people don’t tend to jump to the conclusion that “person A looks like person B, so they must be the same!“
  • People see Superman as almost a god, they wouldn’t think he would “lower” himself to the guise of a human
  • Real people don’t tend to assume people they know are secretly famous, so the Daily Planet workers have no reason to think Clark is
  • Clark Kent is mostly known as a name in a byline
  • Superman doesn’t have any distinguishing features, like a birthmark or a scar.  His face is fairly nondescript
  • Through robots, shapeshifters, and Bruce Wayne in disguise, Superman and Clark Kent have been seen in public together
  • Luthor’s analysts once deduced that Clark was Superman.  Said deduction was immediately thrown out as ridiculous
  • This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0QVvbhMm24&feature=related

(Most of these reasons are listed on the Clark Kenting page of TVTropes.  I just compiled them into a more organized list)

Ah, there we go.  The full text.  Thank you, Whitaker!

In his interview on The Graham Norton Show, Henry Cavill claimed to have done an experiment hanging out in front of movie posters of himself as Superman, but wearing glasses (did he say an anorak as well… I don’t remember).  He claims no one did.  I mean it’s either that, or the people of New York are extremely polite and didn’t want to bother him.

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