Coutelier Says The Darndest Things… Episode 2

I’m telling my niece, age 9 and who practices cheerleading, about a day I had.

Me:-  Oh yeah… there were cheerleaders there as well.

Niece:- Was it Phoenix?

Me:- Um… I think so.  Why?  Who are they?  Are they your rivals?

Niece:- (nods)

Me:- Oh no.  So what happens if you meet them in the street?  Do you all get out chains and knives and start fighting?

Niece:- (giggles) Something like that… it’s very awkward.

Me:- When cheerleaders fight, does each side form a pyramid and the ones at the top have to try and knock each other down while the others hold them up?

Niece:- (snorts)  Did you know, cheerleading is the fifth most dangerous sport?

Me:- I’ll bet. You should probably take up something safer, like rugby or boxing.

(On a serious note, she is right.  Cheerleaders get injured a lot doing some of those moves, sometimes very seriously.)

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