Jurassic Park: The Lost World

So I mentioned recently having read the book of Jurassic Park.  I don’t want to spoil it too much, but basically the film follows much the same plot as the book.  Some of the characters are different and have their roles changed a little, and there’s a long section at the start of the book about genetic engineering and some of the dinosaurs escaping from the island to Costa Rica.

It’s one of my favourite movies, just because of, well dinosaurs… even as an adult, dinoaurs are just damn awesome.  Groundbreaking CGI of course.  There are a few moments, like when the Brachiosaurus appears, where you can tell it’s not a real part of the environment, but otherwise the special effects are still good (they didn’t overuse the CGI back then either, using animatronics for close-ups etc).

If I was forced to analyse it more critically though, then both the film and book have one major flaw, which is them trying to sound a lot deeper than they actually are.  In particular the character of Ian Malcom and all his spiel about ‘life finding a way’ (99.9 per cent of species that ever lived are extinct, so… no, I’m afraid life doesn’t always find a way), and his stuff about chaos theory, which is all very interesting but doesn’t reflect at all what happens in the park.  Things go wrong there because of bad management – Hammond sparing no expense on anything, apart from on having adequate numbers of staff, and giving too much responsibility to Nedry, who he then decides to tick off.  But really, in the hands of more competent people, there’s nothing to suggest that Jurassic Park couldn’t have worked.

Basically, Doctor Malcom suffered from severe verbal diarrhoa and is one of the most irritating characters ever to disgrace screen or page, so I was glad he died.  But now I’m reading The Lost World.  Of course, Malcom was the main character in the film, but as I just mentioned died in the book.  So, it will be interesting to see who the protagonist in the novel will be…

‘… it turned out, I was only slightly dead…’

Oh, f***ing ****, mother $%^”*&^ co&3 suck$%^ f%$…

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