You mentioned that Frankenstein’s monster can also be called Frankenstein, as being created by the man technically makes him Victor’s son. And while that’s true, the monster made is very clear he doesn’t like Frankenstein. He strangled Victor’s little brother (his uncle?) just because the twerp mentioned the name. By that logic, isn’t it kind of insulting to the monster to keep throwing that in his face? (Then again, I’m speaking on behalf of preserving the feelings of a fictional character)


See, now this is the first reasoning for not calling him Frankenstein that I could get behind.

I don’t know that any country has laws regarding the guardianship of creatures stitched together from parts of dead people.  Anyway, the monster seemed to like the name ‘Adam’ as he often referred to himself in conversation with Victor as ‘your Adam’.  Victor just called him wretch, which really isn’t nice from your creator.  But then Victor was kind of a dick.

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