Worldbuilding June Day 15: Technobabble

Biotechnology is an exciting new frontier, but there are lots of other exciting technologies being developed in and around Irongate. Some of these end up being used for nefarious activities, but most don’t and just make people happy and are fine.  We’ll probably never hear about any of those though.

One man figured out a way to alter the quantum frequency of a building so that he could transport it to a different reality.  He didn’t help at all to bring it back though. The mad criminal who called himself ‘Springheel’ constructed an exosuit that wrapped tightly around his skin and greatly enhanced the power of his own muscles. Stag Corp at one point began to work on an electronic dampening field.  They never finished it, but Titania did and used the technology to disable cameras and other devices in an area to shield her changelings from discovery.

Jennifer Airhart is a skilled engineer and occupies most of her time working on projects and experiments. She once built a vortex cannon that helped save Kaya from changelings, and her home is filled with numerous robotic devices for performing various tasks. There’s one that constantly patrols keeping all the floors clean, another that fetches the post, a chair with arms that give massages, and a fully automated kitchen.

Some of Jennifer’s robots she also uses for her own experiments with artificial intelligence.  She believes that intelligence is what people use when they have no idea what they’re doing, so these robots are not actually programmed to do anything. They are programmed to solve problems and learn, so when they are given a task it’s up to them to figure out how it gets done. Once she told them to rebuild a wall she’d knocked down.  In took them several days to figure out they needed to use cement, then one of them got stuck in the mixer and then the others had to figure out a way to get it out. After several weeks though the wall did get rebuilt.

If the singularity happened here, we’d be fine.

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