Worldbuilding June Day 16: Indistinguishable from Magic

‘Magic’ is just the word humans give to things they either don’t yet understand, don’t want to understand, or can’t be bothered to.  But there really is no such thing as the supernatural, as nature is everything that exists.  When something that was once thought to be supernatural is shown to be real it becomes another part of the natural world, a new layer of reality, and scientists are childishly thrilled and excited to apply for new grants to study it.

As humans have progressed they have achieved a number of things even they once thought impossible; flight, the world wide web, making a critically well received DC movie.  And now their ability to affect the natural world is unrivalled, at least in this little corner of the cosmos, and more and more things that were once magic are becoming just a part of everyday lives.

Telekinesis? Inivisibility? Mind control? Teleportation? Maybe there’s a way to do all those things – it might not be exactly what was imagined in tales, but we can get something close if we put our minds to it.  New ways are being found to manipulate the world around us, to communicate faster, to warp space, bend reality.  People have even created whole new forms of life of their own design.

Who knows where it will end.

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