Worldbuilding June Day 6: Gender/Sexuality

My current writing takes place in a contemporary setting, a world broadly the same as own but with some crazy sci-fi antics thrown in.  So many of the same spectrums and prejudices do exist, even though most of the inhabitants of Irongate are on the whole pretty liberal toward these things.

Stephen Gosforth was a brilliant scientist and engineer, but had the misfortune of being born in Victorian England as a homosexual.  His own family had him commited to an asylum, hidden away so that his affairs wouldn’t damage their own reputation.  Ultimately, Stephen would have the last laugh on all of them.

ELF’s (Engineered Life Forms) like Titania, only have an X chromosome, simply because the creators didn’t have the time or inclination to work on another, so far at least.  Changelings of course can be anything, but had Titania’s plans come to pass she would have eventually wiped out humanity and her new species would reproduce using the Mother Machines and Crystal Eggs.  There would be equality, of sorts, as there would only be a single gender/sex, but most of them would be little more than drones extending the will of their Queen.

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