Another short chapter of Asterion up.  We’re going to be flicking back and forth between Tenley and the others for a little bit, although in the next draft and final version I’ll likely rearrange and combine some of the scenes/chapters.

There’s a lot of edits I want to make, but I’m not going to do it until I’ve finished uploading this draft.  Then I’ll go through and change it all.  Besides some of the ideas I’ve had for things for the characters to think/say might actually be better later on.  When this draft is done I’ll be in a better position to decide what should go where.  Anyway, snippet time:

Those men were obviously on a hunt for her.  Or Jennifer.
She doubted anyone would devote so many resources to take out Kaya.  In any case, they’d gone to a lot of trouble
so she would give them what they wanted.
The roles would just be a little bit reversed from what they were

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