Worldbuilding June Day 12: ELFs

ELFs, or Engineered Life Forms, was a term used by Stag Corp for synthetic organisms created by its bio-engineers.  One ELF, Titania, was humanoid, but they can come in all shapes and sizes.

After the disaster with Titania, most of the focus has been on single celled organisms to be used for a variety of purposes, such as energy, waste disposal and recycling, and medicine.  Other possible applications include designing crops that can grow in otherwise inhospitable environments, space exploration, and maybe even terraforming some time in the future.

ELF’s encountered by Jennifer Airhart also have included a luminescent fungus, Syn (see Day 1), and Driffogs – named by Kaya Cade who saw them as a cross between a triffid and a dog.  The have a hyena-like body with a tulip-like head from which can lash out long tongues coated in venom.  When there was no prey around, they could burrow into the ground and extend roots to absorb nutrients.  Alving Stag used them as guards in one of his hidden vaults.

The armor, weapons, and whips used by Titania and her Changelings are also organisms designed by Titania.

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