Worldbuilding June Day 13: Magic Mushrooms

Short one today, as I’ve already spoken about ELF’s, like the vines used by Titania and Changelings sometimes as a rope or a whip which connects to the nervous system of the wielder becoming an extension of themselves. They make it constrict tighter around a target, or go completely stiff so they can climb or vault with it.

But the first ELF encountered by Jennifer and Kaya was a cavern full of bioluminescent mushrooms.  They come in all different colors, although mostly blue and purple, and can grow to enormous sizes. Little is known about their purpose, other than that Titania and her Changelings used them to light their underground lairs, and possibly for sustenance. They seem able to grow anywhere, although if left unchecked they could pose a serious threat to the environment as they will starve other plants and fungi of nutrients.

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