Video Game Related Dreams

Not too many that I’ve had… when I play games like The Sims the music can get stuck in my head and not stop even when I’m trying to sleep.  One time I fell asleep and awoke to find myself defending a village from some kind of rock monsters, and I think some Baldur’s Gate might have been part of the militia, like Minsc and Aerie I seem to recall.  But I don’t recall too much else.

One time, after playing a lot of Fallout 2, I found myself in a post-apocalyptic version of my neighbourhood.  My neighbour was packing up and getting ready to leave because he said that raiders were on their way.  I decided I needed to leave my house and go off in search of an old military base in order to get weapons and armor to defend ourselves with.  On my journey for some reason I kept telling people my name was William Shatner… I have no idea why.  Might have been because of Back to the Future 3 when Marty calls himself Clint Eastwood.  But he only gets away with that because he’s in the past and no-one’s heard of Clint Eastwood… I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m bothering to question the logic of all this.  It’s a dream.

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