The Little Queen Excerpt

Another excerpt from the newest revision of The Little Queen. Basically, Tenley beats up some bullies.

“The hell was that about?” The thick one scoffed. “You freaks in a cult or something?”

“Yup,” Tenley curtly replied. “The cult of not answering stupid questions.”

That confused him, as he was obviously used to people just quickening their pace and not talking back to him at all, and definitely not used to anyone disregarding him so casually while flicking their hair. Nevertheless he persisted. “Figures. You’re all nerds, right? You all watch superhero movies and Star Trek and you think all that shits real, yeah?” The skinny boy laughed, clearly just there to provide moral support.

Fellow lifeforms indeed. Tenley sighed then decided to speak slowly in the hope they would understand. “What’s real, is that if you don’t get out of my sensor range in the next ten seconds then I am going to hurt you. A lot.”

Now he was perplexed, looking back to the other boy with his mouth drawn open by the squashing of his face. This just never happened. Kids were supposed to be afraid of them. Even when they were brave they were usually at least a little scared, but this one wasn’t. Instead she was now just mocking them by merrily going about her business.

Frustrated, the bigger boy decided to jump off his bicycle and run up behind Tenley, trying to grab her hair. He grabbed nothing, the girl spinning around his arm. His eyes couldn’t keep up with what happened next – he felt several blows land all over his body and face and then he was curled up on the floor throbbing and weeping. Tenley stepped over him, tilting her head to the skinny boy who still hadn’t caught up with what just happened either.

“Say,” she grinned, “that’s a nice bike…”

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