I used to love this film when I was a wee one. Haven’t seen it though in many years though, so don’t know if it will hold up.  Even looking at some of the clips on youtube, the animation is a bit… you know how Peter Cushing looks in Rogue One, with his facial features just randomly shifting in size and shape?  Like that. Speaking of Star Wars, James Earl Jones did the voice of the villain in this as well.

The story revolves around the conflict between logic and magic, which is kind of a false conflict to be honest – there’s only conflict when there are people unwilling to change or adjust what they believe in the face of evidence. Little me didn’t care, but did love that the bad guy was beaten by literally being schooled, or nerded to death.

I would like to get the book the film is loosely based on (the author of which I believe shares the same name as the hero in the film), although I believe the book is more like the 2004 drama-documentary Dragon’s World, examining the tales and mythology about dragons from around the world and trying to explain dragons in a plausible scientific way. Unfortunately it seems to be out of print and not available on Kindle or anything.  There are still used hard backs out there though.

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