The Cheater


So, got this message in my inbox just now:

‘OMG, I just found out my boyfriend was cheating with a girl named Jess!
Using this new website I just searched the number my boyfriends been
secretly texting and it tells you who the person really is instantly!’

Followed by a link to some find the cheater or something website, which I haven’t clicked.  And honestly, you, the bot I assume sent this message, you already know who the cheater is – it’s your boyfriend.  Talk to him about it.  Might be there’s a reason he’s seeing someone else behind your back… like, maybe there’s something scary about you and the way your eyes glow red whenever he talks to another girl?  If not then just dump him – he’s not worth it.

Honestly though, I’m thinking Jess is actually an innocent in all this.  Just being a supportive friend to a boy trapped in a relationship with a potentially psychotic robot girlfriend.

I’ve sent a message back, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this drama develops.

Still haven’t heard anything back, but I hope Jess is okay.  I’m sure she’s a lovely person, really.  I hope I don’t hear anything in the news about her being attacked by any terminator spambots from the future.

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