Gore Community Confession Asks


Sinful asks, if you’re brave/sick enough.

1. Have you ever considered killing someone?
2. Would you touch a corpse?
3. Have you ever had a sexual attraction to a corpse?
4. Ever tasted someone elses blood?
5. Honest thoughts about cannibalism?
6. Favorite killer and why?
7. Do you collect dead things?
8. Would your victims be women or men, does it matter?
9. Strangulation or blunt force?
10. Shooting or stabbing?
11. What would cause you to snap?
12. Which is more your style: school shooting or serial murder?
13. If you could have sex with any serial killer, alive or dead, who would you choose?
14. How would you leave the body?
15. Would you keep trophies, if so, what?
16. Do you believe in the death penalty for murder?
17. What fascinates you about death?
18. Are you based more in fantasy or reality?
19. If the opportunity ever arose, would you consume human flesh?
20. The song you would play during a violent act?

It’s probably just that I haven’t fully woken up yet, but for some reason I thought it meant Al Gore… I was very confused for a second.  I thought ‘his newest book must be really bleak’.

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