I like to collect dead fandoms.

For instance: John Christopher’s Tripods books were in every single bookstore for years. They had a huge, vocal fandom for a long time, and now, I barely hear anything about them. This is really unfortunate, because the Tripods books were really ahead of their time. They were a dystopian young adult series with kid heroes facing alien conquerors they’d never even seen. You can see elements of Tripods in nearly every young adult dystopia series today, and here, at what should be the height of their popularity, not a peep or trace can be heard of them.

I read The Death of Grass recently, and naturally I’m going to reread these the first chance I get.  Maybe even watch some of the BBC series that was made based off the books (I think they only made it to the second book before being cancelled as the PTB felt embarassed by the special effects back then and so tried to get rid of all sci-fi like that and Doctor Who).

There’s a few other books of his I need to track down as well… like, The Empty World I think is one I remember reading, where a virus kills everybody.  Unfortunately I can’t find it on any ebook format, so I’m going to have to go back in time and get an actual paper book.

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