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They tell me it’s been twenty years now since the first Harry Potter was published.

That’s a lie. It’s been, like, two years – five max. I’m not that old. Screw you.

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Look, global warming is a complex issue for which there is no magic solution. Oh wait, there is literally a spell called Glacius that could be a solution – an incredibly easy solution. It shoots freezing cold air out the tip of your wand so as to freeze water solid within seconds.

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You know you can really tell that J.K. Rowling doesn’t need glasses because with all the crap Harry goes through there’s a lot less glasses cleaning than one would expect throughout the series

There were originally a lot of scenes describing Harry’s glasses hygiene routine in great detail,

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Never Seen Star Wars

This was the title of a BBC radio and TV show were celebrities (although in the UK we use the term ‘celebrity’ rather loosely) would come in and talk about things they’ve never seen or read or done.  Usually things that have made quite a large impact on our pop-culture but for whatever reason you’ve stayed away from or not had time for. 

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Welcome to Hufflepuff…

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