Look, global warming is a complex issue for which there is no magic solution. Oh wait, there is literally a spell called Glacius that could be a solution – an incredibly easy solution. It shoots freezing cold air out the tip of your wand so as to freeze water solid within seconds. It would be hard to think of a spell more perfectly suited to fixing global warming, other than reparo ice caps.

Climate change is perhaps the biggest problem facing mankind today. Current estimates of mortality indirectly caused by the phenomenon run as high as 300,000 deaths per year. Even if that’s way off, it’s still far more deaths than those caused all the Death Eaters combined.

Yet we hear climate change mentioned in Harry Potter a grand total of zero times. Not once does someone say, “After we stop this coup, we could really do something about global warming.” Not once do we hear about some wizard version of the Peace Corps that could easily take care of this thing. My rough estimate is that they could stop the effects of global warming with a thousand wizards working three months out of the year. So why is Harry spending summer break living under the staircase of a family that hates him?

Why Everyone In Harry Potter Is Kind Of A Jerk

So, why don’t fictional characters use their fictional powers to instantly solve all our real world problems?

Forget Potter… why doesn’t The Doctor just go back in time and fix everything?  Oh right… it’s fixed points and all that nonsense.

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