Star Trek – The Next Generation:  1×13 – Datalore

Memory Alpha

This brings me to half way through the first season.  Thank Q I’ve managed to survive.

So basically, an away arrives on the planet Data was found on and within minutes of bumbling manage to find a secret laboratory that was somehow missed by the teams who searched the colony before. They find Data’s brother, Lore, but despite the amazing detective skills they had displayed finding him, no one seems to notice that Lore is evil even though it’s obvious.  Equally obvious is when Lore is posing as Data, and no one notices that either.  Well, almost no one… once again, it’s Wesley who saves the day which is becoming a recurring theme.  One of the ways he knows it’s Lore and not Data is that Lore uses contractions in his speech, whereas apparently Data doesn’t (in fact, Data had used contractions lots of times.  He does in this episode… so… yeah).

So, once again it’s up to the actors to try and salvage something out of a terrible script.  In this case, it’s Brent Spiner whose eating the scenery whole actually quadrupled the budget for this episode.  But it was kind of worth it.

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