Remember I posted ages ago the intro to the old animated movie ‘Flight of Dragons’, and I mentioned that it was (very loosely) based on a book that’s now out of print?  Well look I went and got, used from Amazon. Hardback, sleeves a tiny bit scuffed, and someone has written ‘St David’s’ inside of it (a school, I’m guessing. It probably belonged to a school library at some point, rather than to St David, unless St David was someone’s nickname, like maybe David Bowie… it’s not though).

Anyway, as I mentioned the animation was only loosely based on the book. This isn’t a novel, but the author attempting to explain dragons and their legendary abilities as if they were actual animals that have evolved since the time of the dinosaurs with a whole lot of illustrations (I’m afraid I had great difficulty positioning the book and camera to avoid light reflection, so this isn’t the best sampling really).  I’ve yet to read much of it, but since seeing the film I have always wanted this.  I have a thing for books that are a bit obscure/unusual/special.  Special. Yes. Definitely this one is very special.

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