A much shorter excerpt from my current WIP:

“That’s enough, Ella,” Ella’s red haired counterpart decided to reveal herself. Tenley wouldn’t exactly call Lilian nicer than Ella, but she was less cruel and far more dutiful, although no less blindly devoted to Titania. The only difference between them and the other changelings was that Ella and Lily were slaves willingly.

Ella pouted, “it’s not fair she gets to go out and have all the fun. You can tell her hearts not even really in it.”

Tenley glared and hissed, “it does not concern you. This is my job to do and if you get in my way then I won’t need a heart because I’ll take yours!”

“Calm down, both of you!” Lilian quickly admonished before blows could be thrown. “There is no need for such hostility. We’re all a family here.”

“That’s right,” Ella beamed menacingly, “we’re a family. A team. And there’s no ‘I’ in team, is there?”

Tenley puffed her cheeks a little, humphing and moving away. “There’s a ‘me’,” she pointed out,

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