fuck anti-Semites


I reblogged a quote earlier from someone I’d never heard of, called David Icke. Lots of you told me that he’s a shitty anti-Semite, so I deleted the post.

Anti-Semites can choke on a bag of angry bees and die.

David Icke is… well, he attracts a lot of attention from right wing groups who believe he’s speaking to them in some sort of code and that by 12ft lizards he’s actually referring to Jews.  My feeling from reading up on and watching stuff about him is that he genuinely believes the world is controlled by 12 ft shape shifting lizards, but those right-wing groups are the only ones who seem to take him seriously.

If you ever have time, Jon Ronson’s ‘The Secret Rulers of the World’ is an interesting watch. The second episode is all about David Icke.

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