Playstation Store A Decade Old

An e-mail has just informed me that it’s the tenth anniversary of the Playstation Store, and download speeds have remained the same for the whole decade, so at least it’s consistent.  Unfortunately I’ve been neglecting my Playstation a bit lately, but the e-email informs me of my highlights:

Apparently, I’m in the top 6% when it comes to trophies.  I’m not really a trophy hunter though so I don’t care.

It seems the game I’ve played the most is…

Tales of Graces F

I suppose… I have played through the whole thing a few times.  Not all in one go of course – I just returned to it a few times over a few years.  Apparently I’ve put in 443 hours and I still haven’t unlocked everything… stupid grindy JRPGs.  I mean, not that I care of course…

(Incidentally, on Steam, I’ve put in about 1000 hours each into Fallout 4 and New Vegas.  The only reason Fallout 3 isn’t so high is that my original version wasn’t for Steam).

I felt like I played The Last of Us a lot as well, but I suppose it doesn’t actually take very long to complete that.

Typically though I’ll only get a game on console if one I’m interested in isn’t available for PC.  So I might try out Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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