Why does Tenley like dinosaurs?

She does indeed, although it’s hard to really work that into stories very often.  As for why, well lots of kids do at some point don’t they?  She likely had a few books on the subject, and obviously she did have access to the internet (her mother’s computer, which Tenley would use whenever her mother was out or just passed out from being drunk).

Crichton and Spielberg seemed to think that Dinosaurs were something only really boys got into.  It’s true that I was, but so was my niece.  She really loved dinosaurs.  I’ve lost count of how times I had to watch Walking With Dinosaurs because of her… it bleeds into everything now.  I constantly hear Kenneth Branagh narrating my life.

“Coutelierodon lives on a diet of round biscuits and coffee, but today the jar has run dry.  He must now leave the security of his den to forage at the local market.  It is a perilous journey, and his old enemy – social anxiety – is lying in wait…”

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