Okay I’ve actually gotten some writing done.  I’m not ready to upload it yet, but after this weekend I will.  I had three weeks of children (one of whom thinks it’s funny to use my browser when I’m not looking and post comments and subscribe me to pewdiepie or something… I know I should probably just password lock my computer), and needed another week to wind down.  Not that I dislike them or anything, but I was just getting into the swing of writing when suddenly there was this distraction.  It’s fine though – just a bit of a delay.

There’s also another little project I’ve been working on, which is as I’ve mentioned I might actually do something with my youtube channel.  By something I of course mean maybe some gaming and later some book and writing videos.  My new PC is obviously a bit more capable when it comes to capturing, and indeed I’ve already recorded a fair bit.  I’m going to edit it down though because… well, the type of games I like to play are not really fast paced and I figure people don’t really need to see me managing an inventory or browsing a store.  I mean when it’s done you can tell me if you actually do.

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