Jen Air: The Little Queen (blurb 1)

So I’m trying to write some blurbs/short decriptions for my story.  The idea of course is to give an idea of what the story is about without giving very much of the plot away.  So here’s the first attempt:

‘Science has the power to turn humankinds dreams into reality… but some dreams can be nightmares.

Cade, a down on her luck punk who has constant run-ins with the local
law enforcement, finds herself waking up to one such nightmare.  Barely
escaping with her life, she turns to her childhood friend for help,
Jennifer Airhart.  But Kaya had turned her back on Jennifer once before,
so will they be able to resolve their differences and solve this

What follows is a fast paced adventure seeing the duo
battle the would-be-king of the research and development firm Stag Corp,
gothic faeries, changelings, Killer Aqua Bunnies… and finally to
confront The Little Queen – a young girl who has suffered a great loss
and is hell bent on revenge.‘

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