I finished writing the first completely new scene to the current revision of The Little Queen, so here’s a little excerpt:

“Good,” Stan proceeded to unlock a drawer and count out the cash. “And Cade, if you need a real job, we always need drivers. Last bloke fell asleep at the wheel.”

“I suppose now he’s sleeping with the fishes?”

“No Cade – he crashed. Carbon monoxide. Very sad.”

She could tell he was really beat up about it. “Well, it is the invisible killer. Go green, save lives, is what I always say,” she said for the first time in her life. And then she got out of there before he thought about recycling her as compost.

Back in the club proper she somehow managed to find the others amid the thumping noise and bustle sat around a table on the east wall. Candace was already in the midst of some philosophical pondering.

“Ever notice that some lyrics mean two different things?” She explained. “Like, when Kelly Kewell is singing about kicking balls, she means like footballs, but also man balls.” She sat back with a thin, contented smile, as if it was a profound insight that only she could have seen.

Sayuri sat across the table from her, hunched and with her jaw hanging open, as if her brain had melted from having to listen to all this. She blinked and stirred then demanded to know “are you actually serious?”

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