Weekend Writer Chat


Are you more of a plotter or a pantser? Somewhere in between? What kind of techniques do you use to make it work for you?

I was a pantser for a long time. Just started writing and seeing where it took me. The problem was I would often end up writing myself into a hole I wasn’t sure how to get out of and then get fed up of the whole thing. So I’ve started planning things a bit more, although plans do change and I don’t always outline every chapter. With one of my current stories, Asterion, I’ve hurriedly written down several versions of some chapters but haven’t set in stone which ones I’m going to use, although I do know most of the plot points and have things worked out for the second half of the story (when most of the adventure happens).

Basically, I haven’t figured out a technique yet and am still experimenting, but I have found that having a goal and at least some idea of the plot points, themes and characters helps a lot.

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