I do like answering questions, so what I’ll do is I’ll answer some random questions from My Random Randomness’ (allysrandomage.blogspot.co.uk) 800 random questions (in conjunction with google’s random number generator):

661) What one device would you want to see added to a mobile phone?

An explosive device that can be remote detonated if it’s stolen? I suppose that could theoretically be used for evil, so I don’t know… how about a little polaroid printer?

606) On a scale of 1-10 how smart would you say you are?

11. But as it specified 1-10 that means not very smart.

64) Do you want a church wedding?

I want my wedding to take place on an old sailing ship surrounded by historical reenactors, because I love those guys. I would probably have Abe Lincoln preside over the ceremony. This is why I don’t plan weddings.

566) What was the last thing to make you feel angry?

I honestly don’t get angry very much. The last time was probably while watching Fear The Walking Dead.

540) Do you have any old friends wou wish you could meet up with again?

Very occasionally I become curious what people I’ve lost contact with are up to now, but I don’t really care that much.

746) Do you know html?

These questions were made in 2007. But as it happens a little bit, yes.

286) Who’s your favourite Superhero?

I was going to just say Batman, but then of course I remembered he isn’t really a superhero – he’s just very rich.  It was actually Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) that was the first comic I properly read. But actual superhero… well, The Flash is my favorite superhero show right now so we’ll just say him.

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