I suppose I should start making pages for my works in progress. I was working on a story called Asterion, which is a sequel to another story, but then I realised I should go back and actually finish the first one first.  Asterion isn’t really on hold, I’m just working a lot more on The Little Queen at the moment (a title I don’t really like as I discovered I can’t really say Queen). I also took a break for a couple of months as lots of things came, but I’m nearing the end of another draft so maybe soon I’ll start letting people look at it.  In the meantime here’s a rough summary:

Kaya Cade has made a lot of bad life choices, but the one she regrets most is turning her back on an old friend. Now she’s lost her job and has no place to live. Being attacked by a superhuman creature is really just the icing on the cake. She escapes, and in her panicked and confused state follows a story about a witch living outside of town in an abandoned lighthouse in the hope of finding help. The ‘witch’ turns out to be someone she once knew quite well.

Help she does get, but soon she’s up against not only creatures lurking in the shadows, but powerful corporations and the police would like to ask her a few questions too. She finds herself embroiled in a quest for revenge and a plot to make all humanity give up the Earth to new masters…

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