My OC’s… at least five of them. The main hero and anti-hero characters in my first story I suppose. Daramy and Delainy aren’t there, even though they have a little of a more a role in the new version. In fact pretty much everyone gets to do a lot more. Even if you actually read my first rushed story from a few years ago, there’s quite a bit of new material and a few surprises in the new version. The characters have all evolved a bit since then too.

I always said I would make the characters in various avatar things. Maybe I’ll make them in The Sims (I’ve had The Sims 4 for ages but only recently started actually playing it).  If there’s anyone there kind enough, please remind me to do those things because otherwise I’ll forget.

Anyway, from left to right starting at the top:

Jennifer Airhart – Age 21, 5′4″, Backyard Scientist & Inventor. Jennifer doesn’t like going to parties. She doesn’t like leaving the lighthouse at all unless the world is actually in danger, which turns out it quite often is. Despite that she is generally kind and compassionate, at least when she’s not absorbed in probably illegal experiments. So far at least she hasn’t destroyed the planet.

Kaya Cade – 21, 5′6″, Thief and part time guitar player. Normally Kaya dyes her hair, but the natural color is said to be brown. Kaya is a decent guitarist, but in her own words there are only two things she’s ever really excelled at – stealing stuff and aggression. She currently channels that aggression toward looking out for Jennifer when she’s out in the world as she still feels guilty for being a bit of a bully when she was younger.

Tenley Tych – 11, 4 foot something I suppose, home-schooler as it’s too dangerous for other kids to interact with her.  Tenley’s not really malicious or cruel, more just ruthlessly efficient, but does have a little bit of a temper. Plus she did kill all those people (they were all bad though).

Sayuri Oshiro – 22, 5′5″, runs family owned general store. Apart from astrology and crystals and meditation, Sayuri’s main interests are money and taking naps. There aren’t many people to whom being a literal fat cat is an actual life goal, but for Sayuri it is.

Doctor Jana Sarkis – 37, 5′8″, biologist.  Doctor Sarkis started her career at Stag Corp as an assistant in Jonathan Airhart’s lab but Jennifer now sees her almost like an aunt. Doctor Sarkis often sees herself as more like a teacher trying to keep these feckless kids from burning down the museum. Apart from academic credentials, Doctor Sarkis also stays in shape by practicing martial arts.

If you’re wondering what the fight rankings would be, it would be Tenley at number one, then Kaya/Doctor Sarkis (Sarkis is fitter and more skilled, but Kaya has youth and aggression on her side), then Sayuri as she wrestled a little bit when she was younger, then Jennifer whose only real fight experience is being beaten up by Kaya and the ‘gang’ she once hung out with. She does make up for what she lacks physically though with just sheer pig-headedness.

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