Do you have any guilty pleasures or weird stuff that you’re into?

Weird stuff?  I mean, I am fasinated by magic, folktales, the paranormal… but that’s not really weird – I think most people are to some degree, whether they actually believe in it or not.

But I am going to interpret the question as being ‘are there things I like that people don’t really expect me to like’.

I don’t watch a lot of anime these days (used to watch more, but now maybe I’ll look occasionally to see if anything looks interesting), but there a few I’ve quite enjoyed, like Angel Beats! and
Shakugan no Shana.  And also K-On!, which has no supernatural of sci-fi element at all – it’s just about girls in a music club – yet for reasons I can’t fully explain it makes me happy.  Maybe because I wish I’d had a close-knit group of friends at school.

Also my own brother was surprised when he found me playing Saints Row.  He didn’t think I liked anything gangstery (I don’t know why; I’ve never said that I didn’t).  Yes, I’ve also played GTA on occasion.

I also started reading a lot of Jane Austen when I remembered she grew up not far from here (a fact I’d forgotten for a long time – it just never came up much in conversation, until I started bringing it up all the time).

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